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Purveyors of local business & talent.

We were born and raised here and are vested in making the community the best it can be. To this end, we provide the spaces and services you need to help with your creative dreams and business endeavors.

The Alley isn’t just about business, it’s about fostering connections, creating memories, and enhancing the very fabric of our local culture and community.

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Personalized WiFi

Enjoy seamless connectivity with our personalized WiFi services tailored to meet your business needs. Stay productive and connected with high-speed internet that's exclusively yours.

Security System

Your peace of mind is our priority. Our state-of-the-art security system ensures a safe and secure environment for your business operations. Trust us to safeguard your assets and provide a secure workspace.

Gallery Space for Business Gatherings

Elevate your business profile by hosting gatherings in our versatile gallery space. Our well-appointed venue provides a sophisticated backdrop for your special occasions, from client meetings to product launches and more.

Quarterly Business Participation Events

Join our vibrant community and take advantage of quarterly events designed to foster collaboration and networking. Connect with like-minded professionals, explore new opportunities, and propel your business forward.

Kitchenette Facilities

Refuel and recharge in our well-equipped kitchenette. Enjoy the convenience of on-site dining with facilities that cater to your culinary needs, providing a comfortable space for breaks and informal meetings.

Positive Community Atmosphere

Experience the power of a positive and supportive community. Join a network of driven professionals, share ideas, and collaborate in an environment that encourages growth and success. Together, we thrive.

Downtown Logan Prime Location

Embrace the advantages of a prime downtown location. Position your business at the heart of Logan, where convenience meets opportunity. Benefit from easy access to local restaurants, transportation, and a bustling business community.

Flexible Office Spaces

Tailor your workspace to suit your business requirements. Whether you need a private office, collaborative workstations, or a dedicated desk, our flexible office solutions provide the versatility your business demands.


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