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The Alley, founded by Chelsea Funk and her daughter Caylee Funk, is a dynamic creative space located on Center Street. This mother-daughter duo embarked on a mission to provide a vibrant platform for business professionals and local talent. Their vision for The Alley goes beyond just a physical space—it's a hub where creativity thrives; fostering collaboration, and innovation while having fun doing it. Chelsea and Caylee's passion for supporting the local community is evident in every corner of The Alley, making it a unique and inspiring destination for professionals and artists alike.

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Founding Team

Meet Chelsea Funk and her daughter Caylee Funk—dynamic individuals with a deep connection to Cache Valley. Having grown up in Cache Valley, Chelsea and Caylee share a profound appreciation for the untapped potential of their hometown. As seasoned business professionals, they are fueled by a shared eagerness to unlock opportunities and create a space where fellow professionals can flourish. Their entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a commitment to community, is the driving force behind their endeavor to establish a platform for businesses to thrive in Cache Valley. Through their respective ventures and collaborative efforts, Chelsea and Caylee are shaping The Alley into a vibrant hub for local professionals to connect, collaborate, and achieve new heights.


Chelsea Funk



Caylee Funk


Why the Alley on Center


Prime Location

The Alley on Center is strategically situated in a bustling and central location, ensuring high visibility and foot traffic for your business. Positioned at the heart of the community, your venture will be easily accessible to both locals and visitors alike.


Community Hub

More than just a commercial space, The Alley on Center is a community hub where local businesses thrive. Joining this vibrant ecosystem means becoming part of a supportive network of entrepreneurs and patrons who actively contribute to the area's unique charm.


Versatile Spaces

Our property offers versatile spaces that cater to various business needs. Whether you're envisioning a boutique, a creative studio, or a dynamic coworking space, The Alley on Center provides the canvas for your creative vision.


Footfall Magnet

With its appealing design and central location, The Alley on Center acts as a magnet for foot traffic. Your business will benefit from the constant flow of potential customers, creating ample opportunities for growth and exposure.


Community Engagement Events

We believe in fostering community spirit. The Alley on Center regularly hosts events and activities that engage the local community, providing you with opportunities to showcase your products or services and build meaningful connections with your customers.


Modern Amenities

Our property is equipped with modern amenities to ensure the smooth operation of your business. From high-speed internet to state-of-the-art security systems, we prioritize the infrastructure that supports your success.


Diverse Business Environment

The Alley on Center is home to a diverse range of businesses. This environment fosters collaboration and cross-promotion opportunities, allowing your venture to thrive in a dynamic and interconnected setting.


Marketing Support

As a tenant, you benefit from our marketing initiatives. We actively promote businesses within The Alley on Center through various channels, increasing your visibility and helping you build a strong brand presence in the community.

Art is what we use to decorate space. Music is what we use to decorate time.

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